Furniture repair in London

Don't put that beautiful old furniture in the garage, let us repair it for years of use.

Furniture repair in LondonJohn Peter Churchill specialise in the repair and restoration of modern and antique furniture within the M25 in London. We are furniture repair specialists with many years experience.

We successfully repair all types of antique or modern furniture including movable items such as tables, desks, chairs, bookcases and immovable items such as doors, staircases and panelling, all to the highest quality.

We regularly secure joints, make good scratches, repair chips and repair other damage.

What we work on

  • Old & worn furniture
  • Damaged or dismantled furniture
  • Antique and modern furniture
  • Tables, desks, chairs, doors, staircases, bookcases and more
  • Furniture in and around London

Accountable & guaranteed

Our work is fully accountable and guaranteed to please you. Our experience spans over 50 years and we have thousands of satisfied customers enjoying revitalised furniture.

"We had an antique desk we just didn't want to get rid of because it's been in our family for many years. We were disappointed with the first company who attempted the repair work but Danny promised us they could do a great job, and I'm pleased to say they didn't disappoint"

Questions & answers

What furniture can be repaired?

We repair all types of modern and antique furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, bookcases, doors and even staircases. In fact if it's in London we can repair it!

How do you repair furniture?

We repair furniture largely in the London / M25 area. It's up to you how you want us to work. Smaller pieces of furniture can be collected and repaired in our workshop, however larger pieces of furniture, valuable furniture or structural furniture often require repair and restoration in situ.

Who do you repair furniture for?

We repair and restore furniture for homes, businesses, embassies and other organisations. From single chairs to large structures damaged on occasions by the workforce or general public, we can repair it all.

Do you repair modern and designer furniture?

Yes! We are regularly asked to repair modern designer furniture from de Sede, Roche Bobois, Natuzzi and Eames, to name but a few. We take utmost care with your furniture and ensure all original manufacturing techniques are used to repair your furniture.

What about fine detail?

Fine detail is a speciality in our service. We know many of the tricks of the furniture repair and restoration trade dating back many years and use traditional furniture repair techniques to achieve fine carving and decorative details.

How experienced is your furniture repair team?

We are a highly professional family run business and our furniture repair skills have been handed down through the generations. Our team has over 50 years combined experience repairing all types of furniture, we've seen it all! We are all members of our governing bodies which helps keep our furniture repair skills sharp.

Other services to compliment furniture repair

In addition to furniture repair we have a wide range of complimentary skills such as modern chair repair, furniture restoration, furniture reupholstery, french polishing and leather renovation, so you can be rest assured we can cover all your furniture repair & restoration requirements.

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